Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Women, War and Afghanistan


I want the women of Afghanistan to be liberated. Do I have to support the war?

Short answer: No. In fact, supporting the war only works against their liberation.


  1. What is Lina's alternative strategy? Should the ANP and ANA disarm and surrender to Al Qaeda? Is this her grand vision?

    In 2001:
    -Just over 1 million boys in school
    -Almost no girls in school
    -Just over 1 thousand male freshman in college

    In 2009:
    -4.4 million boys in school
    -2.6 million girls in school
    -45 thousand freshman in college, many woman.

    Lina's strategy would result in most Afghan schools and universities being shut down. How does that help woman again?

  2. <span>What is Lina's alternative strategy?</span>
    If you want to know, read the article.

  3. I just read it. All gobbly gook platitudes.

    TGIA, you can read the 2.09.09 and June, 09 Afghan public opinion polls yourself. See what the Afghans want. The vast majority of Afghans would be deeply offended by a western woman prick insulting their army. The army's popularity is off the charts. The Taliban and Al Qaeda are hated.

    Her answer is . . . confusion. Let the Afghans elect their leaders would at least make sense. Then the question for the world becomes whether to support the Afghans or not over the long term.

    TGIA, rarely do these people offer any suggestions. For example what they would do if they were elected president of Afghanistan. Right now Haqqani and Mullah Omar are trying to kill off the ANA and ANP. This is happening right now. What should the ANA and ANP do?

  4. Anan wants to see the articles of liberation written on the tombstones of womens graves

  5. I don't even understand what that means.

    V, let us say that Afghan people elect you leader. Let us say the Afghan National Assembly votes you complete unlimited emergency powers. Let us further say the world promisses you $250 billion in economic grants over 20 years which you could coordinate at your discretion. In addition you get many tens of thousands of high quality international embedded advisors and trainers for your security forces (that are committed to you for many years to come.)

    What does V do?

  6. Kick the US and company asses out of the country

  7. anan
    And rid the country from the puppets.

  8. Meaningless platitudes.  You would kick out the entire international coalition of a hundred countries? You would kick out all the trainers and advisors for the ANA and ANP? What would happen to the ANA and ANP? Remember that as we speak both organizations are quite small. Would you give all of Afghanistan except the North to Al Qaeda linked networks.

    Keep in mind that 68% of Afghans in the June, 2009, public opinion poll felt that more international troops were important. Support for more international training for the ANA is quite strong among Afghans.

    What are puppets? Who is the guest? Remember that Karzai is strongly backed by Khamenei and Ahmenijad. How would you remove him?

    <span>"... international coalition of a hundred countries." Where does this headbanger get his information? Name the 100 countries, kutta.</span>
    <span>Does anyone else detect a note of desperation, even hysteria, in the dog's defence of the incredible shrinking Karzai?</span>
    <span>What is the CIA's position vis-a-vis Kabul's sleazeball in chief? Do they have enough on him to keep him in line, or is he destined to go the way of Muhammad Zia (boom boom!).</span>
    <span>Is the mercenary but incompetent CIA disinformation conduit Onan still on message, or has he gone native and forfeited his pittance? We should be told.  </span>

  10. Osama Bin Laden was invited by the Taliban in 1996. He formed the IIF in 1998. Between 1998 and 2001 the Afghan resistance to the Taliban was backed by Iran, Russia, India, Iran and the Stan countries. In 2001, China decided to back the Afghan resistance. In October, 2001, Bush decided to back them too. The Afghan resistance defeated the Taliban.

    At Bonn in 2001, Khamenei's representative pushed for his close friend Karzai. When Pakistan said Karzai was acceptable, he bacame President.

    US relations with Karzai have been quite strained for some time. Obama and Biden especially don't like him. Apparently Karzai blew his top when Holbrooke asked him to allow a runnoff election.

    However, Karzai retains strong support from Ahmenijad, Khamnei, Russia, some Stans, China (perhaps India too.) The UN is also backing Karzai. As long as this remains the case, there isn't much Obama can do about Karzai, however much he dislikes him.

    Iran offered to train 20,000 ANA. If Haqqani and the Quetta Shura Taliban win, it will be a worse threat for Iran than for NATO. Cheney, being a Jemmy Hope style imbicile, didn't allow it. It is time to let the Iranians in the coalition. It is also time for Obama to tell the Pakistanis; "friends, Afghanistan wants to take more Russian and Indian help. I support this. Please understand that Russia and India are Pakistani friends and that their help for Afghanistan is not directed against Pakistan."

    Russia recently restated their offer to help. I think that thousands of Russian officers and NCOs could help with ANA and ANP training. They should be allowed to do so. {Afghans are wary, because in the most recent public polls, Afghans are opposed to Russian troops. This is why to date Russian training has mostly been taking place outside Afghanistan.}

    Jemmy: look up the countries on your own. I am not a huge fan of Karzai. I supported Abdullah in the last election. In 2004, I supported Yunus Qanuni against Karzai. By the way, I understand that the Brits don't like Qanuni and Abdullah :) More reason why I am right.

    I guess I am too hard on the Brits. They did create the Indian Army, IAS, Indian judicial system, and other Indian institutions. It is interesting that the Indian Army has become so much better than the British Army. Yes the Brits were great once. But how the empire has fallen.

  11. I personally would love to see the women of the US liberated.  From domestic violence and random violence. 

    I think we should stop "liberating" people/s for strategic reasons. 

  12. Yasmin, I too would love to see American woman liberated. Often West Asian and South Asian woman have more freedom and empowerment than American woman do.

    However, why does the US get to free ride, benefiting on the sacrifice, treasure and blood of others. America should join with Iran, Russia, the Stans, China, India and Turkey in helpin the Afghans fight their mortal enemies.