Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Apartheid alert on MSNBC!

‘Israel ultimately is not democratic . . . and they engage in a light form of apartheid’
Apartheid alert on MSNBC! Notice the speaker Gavin Polone is introduced as a center right commentator. Looks like calling for ending US aid to Israel and identifying Israeli apartheid policies isn’t just for lefties anymore. Gavin Polone is a Hollywood producer who has a reputation for being outspoken. Wonder what he thought of the protests against the Toronto International Film festival?
Mondoweiss, Adam Horowitz


  1. What's light about it?  Even Carter and Desmond Tutu said it's worse here than it was in South Africa.

    In fact, I just got back to Jerusalem and decided I can't go there anymore except in a taxi w/israeli plates.  because I feel like I'm in Nazi Germany taking the bus!  First, there's a nasty "fixed" checkpoint going in where everyone has to file out the bus and back in.  Then, the last two times they've stopped the bus AGAIN just randomly on the road.  This time this did it on the way OUT!! 

    And then it's like a scene out of those ubiquitous holocaust movies we've been bombarded with by Hollywood.  This soldier gets on the bus and demands everyone's papers, and ominously walks down the bus frowning like he's really important when he's all of about 19 years old.  Then he picked one guy and made him come out - who knows why.  These Nazi comparisons are not far off at all.  It's racial now like it was then.  And does the wall not remind you of a concentration camp?  With the fences and watchtowers? 

    Anyway, I've had it.  It's not worth it.  They scare me.

  2. Back from Jerusalem, I mean.

    And another thing.  I'm sick of seeing 50 signs pointing out Rachel's Tomb.  Do I see any for Al-Aqsa?  There must be some, but I guess they're vastly outnumbered because all I ever remember seeing is Rachel's Tomb, Rachel's Tomb, Rachel's Tomb all over the place.  Who the F is Rachel anyway?  Nobody give a s--t about your stupid Rachel's Tomb!  Ugh.

  3. i meant back <span style="text-decoration: underline;">from </span>jerusalem.  to bethlehem.
    i think i'll just stay on the west bank for now.  honestly, it's too early for me to deal with them. maybe in the future.

  4. Thanks for this Yasmin. Could you describe your experience with random searches and checkpoints run by the new higher quality National Security Forces? How about other PA security forces?

    I have heard that the IDF have shut down some checkpoints and transfered others to the NSF. I hope the IDF keeps shutting down checkpoints (Bibi says he will.)

  5. <span>(Bibi says he will.)</span>
    Ha ha.

    <span>"I have heard that the IDF have shut down some checkpoints"</span>
    He he...