Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hollywood Jews hit back at protest of Toronto Film Festival

Seinfeld, Sacha Baron Cohen and Natalie Portman slam Toronto Film Festival protest

Jewish actors sign letter in L.A. Times and Toronto Star protesting boycott of festival over homage to Tel Aviv.

WASHINGTON - A number of Hollywood stars circulated a letter Tuesday protesting a petition calling for a boycott of the Toronto International Film Festival over a Tel Aviv-themed event.

The letter, which appeared simultaneously in the Los Angeles Times and the Toronto Star was signed, among others, by Jerry Seinfeld, Sacha Baron Cohen, Natalie Portman, Jason Alexander and Lisa Kudrow.
Oh, how very surprising! Oh BTW, the letter was paid for by the Jewish organisations in Los Angeles and Toronto!


  1. I need the assignment to change Natalie Portman's mind  :)

  2. v,

    She'll sue you in VERY small claim's court if you try.