Monday, September 21, 2009

Not saying cheese today..

Sick in bed with all the symptoms of food poisoning.(I'll spare you the details). I suspect the cheese I ate last night was off..For your enlightment, French people do not believe cheese can go off, it can only become smoother and tastier. Obviously I'm not French enough to the cheese taste! Excus' me...hav' to.. go!


  1. oh no, that's the worst.
    make sure you drink something with electrolytes, like Gatorade.

  2. Thanks Yasmin..The problem is I'm home alone and can't go out to buy it..It has to be for later..

  3. Sorry to hear that TGIA , I have it too.But  In the mean time I'm so angry, I can hardly wait till tomorrow to talk to that bitch !!
    It's to do with My Son's Primary school's teacher she's a very proud American ( I have no problem with that ) , but of late every time I pick him from school , he starts telling me how good the American military doing in the ME and Afghanistan etc.. Apparently "They are fixing the world" (sic) , they're "chasing the terrorists and killing them" (sic) as well they're "lending a helping hand to the poor nations" (sic) and how much "more advanced the schooling system in the US" (sic) and list go on and on.. and in case you thought my son is doing his Political science degree , well it's is bloody year 6. And this new Einstein (Teacher ) who's brainwashing the kids is a new acquisition to the school .
    Some parents approached the school to complain about her conduct, but that was to no avail. But what got me really angry is :Today his teacher gave the class a good lecture as to why Guantanamo should't close down , and later they had to watch a video about the shoes thrower and how insulting to the president this was, but she sanctioned the scene were Bush copt it on the face , my son and his mates laughed and the teacher was very angry and punishment was in order but only for my Arab son !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's probably also because he attempts debating her with whatever little information he has usually from me . 
    Am I paranoid ??? I don't think so . I just don't want an a brainwashed ( Teacher ) preaching my son Ignorance .
    TGIA :What pair of shoes should I use ? I'm thinking of an old Church pair which heavy but not enough to cause her harm .There will definitely be a scene at the school tomorrow.

  4. VAA
    It would be ill advised that you talk to her directly. The risks are that your son might receive a differentiated treatment in the future. Better to ask for a meeting with the Principle where you, without anger, but kindly and gently explain the situation and show determination that you don't think politics, apart from those related to Australia, should have no place in the classroom..The Principle would appreciate your calm and composure and wouldn't have the opposite impression of a difficult parent who could be making things up.
    Second, not a pair of Church's, you'd kill the bugger and they're pricey, but If you'd want a shoe absolutely I can find you something with less credentials and weight..A thong made in China should do the job..
    Keep us posted..

  5. "The enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political ideology." (Michael Parenti)

    VAA, I suggest you take a copy of Gen. McChrystal's assessment of the current status of war against the Taliban with you.

  6. Actually tgia My wife and several other parents had already spoken to the principal on more than one occasion , the administration of the school is fully aware , I'm unsure why there is no action , one excuse given was that teachers are hard to come by. Obviously this is not sufficient for us , hence the idea of approaching her directly , as for my son having differentiated treatment ; it's already happening. I thought of writing to the education department but it's such a bureaucracy , I doubt they would in the least acknowledge the letter.
    So you see my options are limited. However I'll join up with another parent /acquaintance  and approach the principal directly , being a professor at UNSW he will carry much more weight.
    Jemmy Hope: Thanks for the suggestion , I'll have to first read the assessment myself.