Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey, more Shi'a slaughtered, what a surprise

I guess they were mad about the something the US did.


  1. AQ and their allies are morans. I think it is time that the US, China and India collectively started supporting, training and equipping the Pakistani Army and Pakistani police to deal with the extremists.

    I am very heartened and impressed by recent Pakistani declarations (backed up by public opinion polls) that they want to improve relations with India (and Afghanistan for that matter.) India needs to substantially help Pakistan. This includes offering over $10 billion in economic grants over the next two decades, as well as offering Pakistan a free trade/free investment agreement.

  2. <span>AQ and their allies are MORANS.</span>
    Oh, dear!!

  3. It's a long story to tell but roughly the connotations imply, laziness of the mind and the body, stupidity, 'good for nothingness'. I don't watch the Simpsons but I wouldn't be surprised to know of a tanbal character in there.