Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saudis will allow Israel to bomb Iran's nuclear site (Saudis deny)

Premier British intelligence agency, MI6 chief, has been told that Saudi Arabia will permit Israel to fly over the kingdom to bomb Iran's nuclear sites.

The MI6 chief discussed the issue in London with Mossad chief Meir Dagan and Saudi officials after British intelligence officers helped to uncover the plant, in the side of a mountain near the ancient city of Qom.


Saudi Arabia denies it offered Israeli jets flight path to Iran
Saudi Arabia denied Wednesday a report in Britain's Sunday Express that said the Kingdom offered the Israel Air Force flight paths to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Sunday Express reported this week that the Saudis had agreed to turn a blind eye and not interfere should Israel and the United States attack Iranian nuclear facilities via Saudi air space.

A senior Saudi official said Wednesday morning that the report was baseless, adding that his country would demand that the newspaper print a retraction and apology.

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  1. TGIA, the House of Saud remain thugs. They haven't changed their spots. What is true, however, is that the Wahabbis fear Khamenei and wan't to bring him down to size, using Israel as the means (since the Messiah is proving resistant to doing their bidding . . . which would be their first preference.)

    Iran's nukes and military are aimed squarely at KSA. {I'll admit that this aspect of the Iranian military builup is . . . well . . . nice :) }