Sunday, September 27, 2009

Israeli College Cancels Academic Offering Due to Too Many (Israeli) Arab Enrollees

"This year, a new private Israeli academic institution launched, the Carmel Academic Center. Among its offerings within the department of business administration was an accountancy concentration. But one week before classes began, the school cancelled it. Why? Too many Arabs. That’s right. Only three Jews registered and the rest were Israeli Palestinians. Not wanting to develop a reputation for being in bed with Arab lovers, the entrepreneur who founded the school pulled the plug. Here are some internal conversations published by the Alternative Information Center. Israeli Channel 2 broke the original story:"
(Via the Angry Arab)
While you're at it check the comments and see for yourselves how hopeless, desperate, pathetically out of touch Zionist freaks try to justify the academy's decision! Blaming, no, SLANDERING the victim used to work, fellows. Not anymore.

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