Monday, September 21, 2009

President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras

The first to break the news in English was the Honduran Campesino blog:


  1. Well lets see what happens from here, if it anything significant after all of this purposeful stalling I will be surprised.

  2. A good time to revisit aspects of the history of the region.

  3. By the way, check this out:

    [Myrna] Castro [the coup regime's newly named "minister of culture"] approved a request by military reservists to install themselves in a building called the Antigua Casa Presidencial, the former presidential palace which currently houses the country's National Archives, among other priceless collections. The location was strategic, insisted the soldiers.  Euraque said no. The building is under his jurisdiction. He also issued a "public clarification" on the IHAH homepage detailing specific Honduran laws and international treaties enacted to prevent just such violations of cultural property. (...) 
    For the moment, the integrity of the Antigua Casa Presidencial remains intact, but on Aug. 20 Castro attempted to exact her revenge. She issued a letter informing Euraque that he was relieved of his duties, citing no reason, and thanking him for his service.