Monday, September 14, 2009

Is god's "trailer trash" going to be hard to dislodge?

The New York Times believes:

Resolve of West Bank Settlers May Have Limits

"Certainly, some settler leaders speak in ominous tones. “They’ll have to kill us to get us out of here,” said Itay Zar, founder of Havat Gilad, sitting in the outpost’s unpaved central square, a pink sun setting over the majestic Samarian hills before dropping into the Mediterranean."
The NYT..rash!
"Samarian hills"!! You read this and you understand As'ad's incessant rants in regards to the New York Times...This type of language is not as innocent as it may appear. It's meant to saw in the minds of its readers the seed of doubt.."But why should they be removed from what seems to be their biblical and historical land?!"..Sophisticated, or should I say gross, stuff really and it's been going on more, never less, for decades...BTW, this is only a tiny example. More "jewels" are scattered in this poisonous piece of trash...


  1. I object to use of the term "trailer trash", along with "white trash" and "redneck."  Not of course out of any sympathy for the settlers.  But just on the principle that often people cannot help being forced to live in trailers, and all that that implies.

  2. <span>I object to use of the term "trailer trash", along with "white trash" and "redneck."</span>
    Even when put between quotation marks"?

  3. oh, ok, didn't see that

  4. Don't worry: We only live in trailers while Arab workers build our large, red-roofed homes.