Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to that historic vote

Historic vote at British Trades Union Congress Calls for Boycott of Israeli Goods & ‘Review’ of Histadrut Links
The TUC(Trade Union Congress) used to be a byword in support for the Israeli state. TUC leaders liked to point to Israel and the Kibbutzim as an example of ‘socialism’. That was before people became aware of the racist Jewish-only composition of these settlements, coupled with their establishment on land where formerly Palestinian villages stood or on stolen land.

The watershed for Zionism was the 1982 invasion of the Lebanon, when some 30,000 people were killed, including the terrible massacre at the Beirut Palestinian camps of Sabra and Chatilla, when under the protection of the Israeli military, which provided lighting for the slaughterers, up to 2,000 Palestinian civilians in the camps were butchered by Lebanese fascists of the Phalange. Literally a marriage made in hell.
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  1. <span style="font-weight: bold; ">Gaza was the awakening, the equivalent of Sharpeville in 1961 when protestors against the pass were mown down in cold blood by the South African Police. Yet in comparison the defenders of Apartheid were almost reluctant killers. Even in South Africa you didn’t have priests marching with the army giving them the courage that comes from moral righteousness. In South Africa right to the end Helen Suzmann was able to represent opposition to Apartheid from her Houghton constituency in Cape Town, yet there is no opposition to Zionism from Jewish representatives in the Knesset and its Arab members are subject to constant attack, villification and open calls for their murder.</span>