Sunday, September 20, 2009

Limbaugh: We need segregated buses

In a remark extraordinary even by the standards of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing radio heavyweight declared on his program Wednesday that the United States needed to return to racially segregated buses.


  1. Oh my God! I think Rush was implying that Obama supported an America with segregated Busses (in an attempt to slander the Messiah.)

    I use to like many of Rush's ideas back in the 1980s, when Rush sounded a lot like Obama; Rush use to be fresh and new and hopeful during that time. "Yes we can" is a lot like something Rush would have come up with in the 1980s. But Rush seems to be falling into senility. Why can't he accept that Obama reflects the next evolution on many of Rush's own values and principles? Obama is Rush squared . . . and I mean this as a compliment to the Chosen one.

  2. <span>I use to like many of Rush's ideas back in the 1980s, when Rush sounded a lot like Obama;</span>
    Ha ha ha...

  3. <span><span>I use to like many of Rush's ideas back in the 1980s, when Rush sounded a lot like Obama;</span> </span>

  4. TGIA, back in the 1980s and early 1990s, Rush wasn't nearly as bitter and cynical as he often sounds today. Rush represented a hopeful vision of how America could improve herself; and how the values of liberty, freedom and hard work could facilitate billions of people around the world achieving amazing things. Rush spent less time insulting people he disagreed with back then, compared to attempting to inpire Americans with a hopeful vision of activist hard work and people power.

    In recent years, Obama has remined me a lot of Reagan, and how Rush use to be in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

  5. Many conservatives feel the same way I do. Take the example of Andrew Sullivan.

    I know that I am not a convervative and don't speak for the movement; but you cannot understate the degree to which Obama has inspired young, educated, highly accomplished American conservatives. I have, however, been disappointed by how some Indian Americans diss the chosen one, even one college mate. Many Indian Americans like President Bush, President Clinton, and Mrs. Clinton; and are excessively suspicious of the ONE. Many other American minorities are also, I think, being excessively critical of President Obama. Whites seem to be more supportive of the Messiah (at least in California) than minorities (such as Asian Americans, Latino Americans etc.)

  6. TGIA, you probably know that Latino American and Asian Americans voted for Hillary by more than two to one against Obama. Hillary won the California primary by a landslide. I admit to having voted for Obama against Mrs. Clinton.

  7. America has become a Pariah state Anan, and you are one of its many dying pimps.  Outside of being a fucking idiot.

  8. <span>(in an attempt to slander the Messiah.) </span>
    What's really sad here is that we know now that you're not joking. It gives an insight into how "prophets" were made up with so much gullibility, naivety and will to believe in anything, around.

  9. It seems that Limbaugh is not alone in "falling into senility". This weird ramble could only come from a headbanger who would dare to call me a racist.
    Retract, Kutta!

  10. I think fleming would welcome this.