Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just in case you wondered why the UN report on Gaza war was so soft on Israel

Goldstone's daughter: My father's participation softened UN Gaza report.
"Had Richard Goldstone not served as the head of the UN inquiry into the Gaza war, the accusations against Israel would have been harsher, Goldstone's daughter, Nicole, said in an interview conducted in Hebrew with Army Radio on Wednesday."
Oh we're so shocked, aren't we fellas? So shocked, I'm telling you! They're flaunting every rule of decency in the known Universe!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me that everyone knows just who to call for the job.  It is a charade of epic proportions,  minus the issues he did bring up.  It was enough for him to be labeled "self-hating,"  he needs to graduate to the next level - an antisemite. 

  2. Hey..Long time no see. We missed you.

  3. Nobody cares. It didn't even make the front page of most American papers.

    Arabs choose war. Arabs die.

    Arabs use Arab women and children as human shields and Arab women and children die.

    It's that simple.

  4. "It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity, because it is in the interest of the Arabs to encourage a separate Palestinian identity in contrast to Zionism. Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity is there only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian state is a new expedient to continue the fight against Zionism and for Arab unity."
    - Statement by Zuheir Mohsein, Member of the Supreme Council of the PLO (from Trouw (Dutch newspaper) March 31, 1977)

    See the original here: