Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gilad Atzmon – Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen): A Glimpse into Zionism?

"Two years ago while in the process of gathering information about Cohen previous film Borat, I found out that Cohen had put back his wedding to former Home and Away star Isla Fisher due to some deep ‘religious’ reasons. "The couple," so I learned, "have postponed the big day so Isla could study the Bible in Israel before converting to Sacha's religion of Judaism." This was enough to convince me at the time that Cohen wasn’t that different from his chauvinistic, tribally-orientated protagonist Borat. For those who fail to understand the meaning of the above, Cohen is not just Jewish, he didn’t just ask his fiancée to join his extended family, he didn’t send her to a London Rabbi either. He really went for the ‘full Monty,’ that is: the Israeli experience. Cohen is in fact a devout Zionist and it would be interesting to elaborate and analyze his work from a Jewish Identity-politics perspective."


  1. <span style="">"Though Ali G, Borat and Bruno have nothing to do with Judaism or Zionism, their identity struggle is, interestingly enough, a complete repetition of the Zionist identity complex. As in the case of Zionism, Ali G, Borat and Bruno are in a state of a complete dismissal of others. As if this is not enough, they are also celebrating their symptoms in public and at the expense of their victims. </span>

    <span style="">Zionism, similarly, is a celebration of a newly-invented Jewish Identity. The Zionists set themselves to do it all on the expense of the Palestinian people. Until recently, some Zionist leaders refused to acknowledge the existence of Palestinian people. Zionism is a political setting that inherently dismisses others. One can look at the IDF’s brutality towards Palestinians, another can reflect on David Ben Gurion’s  famous quote: “It doesn’t matter what the Goyim say, all that matters is what Jews do”. Interestingly enough Ali G, Borat and Bruno are celebrating a very similar form of dismissal. They are self-centered protagonists who care mostly about themselves and their own unique actions and symptoms"</span>

  2. <span style="">"When you ask an Israeli ‘how can you be so cruel to the Palestinians?’ The answer will be thrown back at you, “Haven’t the Americans been cruel with their Indians? Didn’t the Brits do the same in India?" </span>
    Or the Australians with the Aborigines!!
    Many times I've been at the receiving end of this very statement and every time I was stunned by the crude and the cruel mentality ! There are no words to describe this total lack of elementary decency!

  3. Have you heard the line that Hitler was right to treat the Jews as he did because the Jews had no country? Now the Jews have a country and the Palestinians don't it's time to do the Hitler thing.

  4. No I never heard that "argument" before. But that doesn't surprise me. There are many traits that trickled down from ultranationalistic, fascistic views to Zionism. The varnish of humanistic and socialist aspirations( Jews only) of Zionism has yellowed and what's left is an ugly, terrifying, picture. The fascistic  settlers whether messianic or not, are the representative of Israel now on the world stage..
    Le roi est nu.

  5. le roi est nu.  i like that.