Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paying $10 billion a month on wars America hates is good, but paying money to fix our health care sysytem is bad...

The media, conservatives and the democratic deficit hawks are telling America that the cost of reforming America's health care system better not add one red cent to the deficit. Why doesn't the librul media explain to America that we are paying 10 billion dollars a month on two wars that Americans hate?


  1. even if the corporate media somehow found the courage, Congress doesn't represent the people anyway. 

  2. Because the media loves war. Loves, loves, loves it. And doesn't give a shit about healthcare. Boring! Move on, aren't there any missing white girls we can yak about?

    Because the morons who swooned over Obama never imagined that he would continue the Bush Neocon wars or give us such a spectacularly crappy health care "reform" plan -- oops, sorry, Obama himself said it wasn't  a health care plan, it was a health insurance plan!!

    HA HA HA -- jokes on you, suckas! It's a plan to take your $$$ and give it to insurance companies...by law. That's right. The full force and  weight of the federal government will come down on you if you don't fork over yet more money to these oh-so-compassionate and oh-so-fabulous insurance companies. Pay them or pay a fine. SWELL!!

    This health plan of Obama's is a big pile of crap and nobody should support it. I have NO ZERO ZIP NADA NOTHING in common with the stupid tea party Republicans but I do agree with them on this one thing (although for different reasons): This thing must die.