Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Do We Embrace Zionists Like Uri Avnery?

It never ceases to amaze me that Palestinians promote Zionist writers and thinkers. Case in point is Uri Avnery, a man who has never renounced Zionism; in fact, he is a proud Zionist. Helena Cobban in Counterpunch points out that Avnery seems to plead with Dov Yermiya, who recently renounced Zionism, to reconsider. Avnery, who obviously knows better or should know better if he could get beyond his tribal affinity, writes about a vision of Zionism that was in its incipient stages more "idealistic." One wonders what's idealistic about a state built upon the ruins of another culture and civilization; one wonders what's idealistic and laudable about a state which has refugees at its gates seeing Jews from all over the world reaping the benefits from ill gotten gains, yet Avnery rivals the best of the Zionist proselytizers:
I agree and pronounce my Mea Culpa. In the light of his recent articles, interventions and statements Avnery has started to show, more clearly I should add, his true colors.

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  1. Yes,  he is like the Americans that are looking for the "perfect" capitalism