Thursday, September 24, 2009

Origin of stupidity

THIS IS GREAT!...How she deconstructs the "arguments" of this nitwit is just brilliant!


  1. That guy is Kirk Cameron, who was a quite popular actor but recently went on a crazed religious crusade. His latest acting job was in the reportedly hideous movie "Firewall," which is about saving your marriage through religion (I haven't seen it but the reviews have been pretty savage). It's weird although maybe not surprising; Tom Cruise went totally round the bend with Scientology but I guess he gets a pass because, well, he's Tom Cruise...Kirk Cameron, you are no Tom Cruise... 8-)

  2. Why can't we respect all fiaiths? This lady is clearly brilliant and sharp, but overdoes the cynicism.

    That actor seemed nice enough. Maybe he just doesn't know any better?