Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Palestinian state in 2 years?

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians will resume next month on the basis of an understanding that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be officially announced in two years.
Due to the Palestinians' reservations over establishing a state with temporary borders, as was proposed during the second stage of the road map, this step will probably be defined as "early recognition" of Palestine.


  1. LOL! Not in 2 years, not in 20 years, not in 200, 2000, or 2 billion years.

    Never. :-D

  2. There won't be a "Palestinian" state ever; not in 2 years, 20 years or 2 billion years.

    NEVER. :)

  3. http://thenakedtruthinaconfusedworld.blogspot.comSeptember 17, 2009 at 9:15 PM

    <span style="">No Sir, it won't be an early recognition of Palestine. It is procrastination on the Israeli side so that it will have more time to combat the current anger against it, and to build more realities on the occupied territories, I.e. settlements. Israel is a master of deceit.</span>
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