Saturday, September 26, 2009

Military uses Sonic Weapon and Tear Gas on Protestors at g20 Pittsburgh


  1. "some of them anarchists?" 

    what a stupid thing to say. 

    anyway, stories like this used to freak me out back in LA - it was so strange to have the govt make these radical changes and have nobody notice and nobody react.  like having a military unit assigned to operate within the US.  nobody bats an eyelash.  it made me feel that something bad was coming down the road.  i just always had this sick feeling over the past year that something really bad was just around the corner. 

    here's glenn greenwald:

    "Though there have been some erosions of this prohibition over the last several decades (most perniciously to allow the use of the military to work with law enforcement agencies in the "War on Drugs"), the bright line ban on using the U.S. military as a standing law enforcement force inside the U.S. has been more or less honored -- until now. And as the Army Times notes, once this particular brigade completes its one-year assignment, "expectations are that another, as yet unnamed, active-duty brigade will take over and that the mission will be a permanent one."

  2. Yeah,  these assholes want to turn it into an even tighter fascist country,  because this is global corporate fascism.  This is who these forces protect,  without the jackbooted thugs they could not survive. 

    The resistance needs to get stronger,  time to wake up -