Sunday, September 20, 2009

Iraq's academy of peace and politeness

Old fashioned good manners are top of the curriculum at the academy

Its aim is not only to teach music but also to revive what founders of the school believe many young people lost during the last six years - good manners.


  1. How about the manners young Iraqis lost in the late Saddam years; what Iraqis often call the "Quadisiyah" generation?

    Saddam is at the root of the manners challenges confronted by some younger Iraqis today; he is at the root of most of Iraq's current challenges. Saddam killed Iraqis with hate for Iranians, Kuwaitis, Saudis, Israelis, Jordanians, Syrians, Turks, Kurds, all other Iraqis other than their own clan.

    Good for this school to make right what Saddam tried to destroy; may he look up from Lucifer's den and see that Iraqis are fixing the messes that he created.

  2. Get lost you little ass,  and take you're beloved massacres with you.  Yes, they should learn manners,  these are espcially good -

    "Oh Mr. <span style="visibility: visible;"><span style="visibility: visible;">Nouri Kamil Al-Maliki,  so pleased to meet you sir.  If you will pardon me let me assure you this is something very personal. Since you are the willing whore of America,  and are supposed to be the puppet leader of this false 'republic,'  please accept my apologies for having to blow your brains out."</span></span>

  3. v, why don't you say that about Dick Cheney . . . he deserves worse. If you said this about Bush . . . I would put up with it.

    But going after a real man . . . an Iraqi hero like PM Maliki . . . the man who saved Iraq and smashed the Takfiri back to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or whatever other dens they came from . . . the man who ended the Saddam engineered sectarian violence and restored confidence, unity and nationalism to Iraqis . . . v you cross a line.

    Please try to see this from Iraqi eyes. Try to realize how pompous American ethnocentric holier than thou pretentious you sound. It isn't about being pro American or anti American; it is about genuinely respecting and loving Iraqis. . . their ancient culture/characteristics/qualities warts and all.

  4. V, sometimes it isn't about America . . . it is about others. Please. Perhaps it is my fault for making you so emotional.

  5. V, ask your Iraqi friends about the Quadisiyah generation of hate that Saddam tried to spawn . . . children who hated everyone. Don't take my word for it.

  6. I go after everyone anan,  you're problem is your dirth of reading,  and your twisted desire to see you're sheer bullshit in written word form.  If you do not think I go sufficently after America,  you should check with vza.  You deserve a Takfiri enima,  you slime bag.  If I were to look from Iraqi eyes you would be burned at the stake while the children "politely" roast marsh mellows over the flames.  You're right,  I never "take you're word" for anything except that of a lying ass licking shill,  that goes for any post you make here.