Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Would Jesus Say (to a Zio-Christian)?

"Time to re-visit, as administrators like to say, the Christian Zionists. This is a response to the usual blather from one of the Armageddon is nigh types:
You ask rhetorically, Who Are the Palestinians? just before you admonish them to take up residence in one of the twenty-two Arab countries so that European and American Jews may live in Palestine without Arabs.
What you don't seem to get, full of the usual canards that you are is that Palestinians are a diverse people, just like any people. We certainly are not all alike. I am a Christian Palestinian; twenty percent of the Palestinians are Christian. We are the original stones; that is, the original Christians descended from the apostles. My father was born in Ramallah, which before 1948, was a totally Christian village. I can asssure you that none of my relatives nor I wish to see Jews obliterated."


  1. He'd say, "Get off my case, Goyim. I was born a Jew and I died a Jew. Call your religion after the renegade Paul."

  2. ... or "Jesus Christ! What did I start?

  3. ... or "Jesus Christ! What did I start?"

  4. ... or "Remember me? They call me the Prince of Peace - Who the hell are you people?"