Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zionist propaganda produces more baloney than a hot dog factory!

The caption to this photo read: “West Bank: Jewish settlers from the Esh Kodesh settlement surrounded by Israeli border police sit in a field in disputed land.”

The media coyness & playing with the truth to mask Israeli land theft makes you wonder why they even bother to post these damn pictures that expose their lies. Esh Kodesh is a Zionist settlement of people from Sheboygan, Wisconsin or Seattle, Washington or Toledo, Ohio or lord knows where who moved to Israel under the despicable Law of Return. Esh Kodesh, better termed Esh Kabibble, was founded in 2000. In September 2011, the Israeli military set up a base nearby, just a couple weeks after a group of Zionist settlers entered the adjacent Palestinian village of Qusra, vandalized the mosque & tried to torch it. They smashed windows & wrote “Muhammad is a pig” in Hebrew on its walls. Residents of Qusra armed only with flashlights & sticks began to patrol the village at night to defend themselves against incursions by crazed Zionist settlers from Esh Kodesh. That’s why the Israeli military is there--to make sure Zionist violence & land expropriations are not thwarted by Palestinian resistance. It was reported that in September 2012, a large group of Arabs from Qusra armed with clubs & sticks attacked three residents of Esh Kodesh while they were “walking in the community vineyards on the Sabbath.” Oh so pastoral! And oh what a load of crap! Were those three religious nutcakes & residents of Esh Kodesh creeping into Qusra to burn the place down again!? (Photo by Majdi Mohammed/AP)

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