Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unthinkable in the US: Palestinian children’s photography showcased in Scottish Parliament

We Teach Life: Children of the Occupation installation in Scottish
(Phil Chetwynd)
“Today my body was a TV-ed massacre that had to fit into sound bites and word limits.”
Rafeef Ziadah’s powerful poem “We Teach Life, Sir” was the inspiration for a photography exhibition and series of exchanges between Scotland and Palestine, titled We Teach Life: Children of the Occupation.
In keeping with the core theme of that poem, the images on display underscore how Palestinians have maintained a strong spirit despite the brutality of Israel’s occupation.
Whereas a series of portraits is flanked by testimonies of violence, others capture the mirth of children at play. “Palestine Will be Free,” as one photograph was captioned, shows a woman smiling defiantly as she thrusts her outstretched fingers through a window in a gesture of peace. And “Get These Things Off My Land” depicts two ants pushing the shell of a bomb over rocky ground.
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