Thursday, January 3, 2013

The best part of US "emancipation"

The Afghan women “liberated” by US-NATO Marines all agree the best part of that emancipation is the homelessness & standing in line in frigid winter weather to get food distributed by the UN. So good to know the UN is on top of things handing out can goods rather than denouncing this war. One of the uncountable UN agencies that mops up some of the mess created by plundering nations (without making so much as a peep of objection) says more than 2 million Afghans “are at risk” from the extreme winter weather. That means those made homeless by US-NATO “emancipation” may die from living in pup tents or from living outside. But nothing to denounce here from the comfortable chambers of the UN headquarters in New York! (Photo by S. Sabawoon/EPA)

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