Monday, January 7, 2013

More than 700 rabbis, cantors and rabbinical students protest E1 sttlement construction

Jahalin Bedouin encampment in E1, in front f Ma'ale Adumim. (Photo: Reuters/
Allison Deger for Mondoweiss
Despite an announcement on Friday that Benjamin Netanyahu delayed construction in the E1 corridor between Jerusalem and the West Bank, Jewish religious leaders delivered a letter to the Prime Minister's office today signed by more than 700 American rabbis, cantors and rabbinical students decrying the controversial settlement plan. E1 is situated in the last large open space of land between an Israeli settlement bloc in the West Bank and Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem. If the plans go into effect to built the 3,000 new units that were approved in late 2012 following the successful Palestinian United Nations non-member statehood bid, the religious leaders fear it will be the end of a future viable Palestinian state.
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