Thursday, January 24, 2013

The scourge of child labor

Reposting this article I wrote on child labor for Wisdom Blow in January 2012. It is increasing exponentially as capitalism continues its decline into barbarism. The manicured patricians who run multinational corporations exploiting children as miners, garment workers, farm workers, sex slaves have no scruples because racism is a fundamental component of child labor--along with the economic compulsion to drive down the political power of adult labor. Child labor is an intolerable scourge for humanity & must be actively opposed.

There are many wrenching images of child laborers from around the world but this photo is of a child farm worker in the US. Last year, the lesser evil Obama regime demolished legislation to protect child farm workers from the violent predations of agribusiness. There are an estimated 800,000 (mostly Mexican) children working with pesticides, dangerous tools, livestock in the US. Lesser evil Obama made it illegal to ever again attempt to even monitor such labor practices.

This post is a tribute to the child garment workers who lost their lives in the November 2012 Tazreen garments factory fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Their sweet lives were incinerated so Walmart & Sears could make a killing in Christmas sales. May these little brothers & sisters RIP. And may we memorialize them appropriately by boycotting those stores & doing everything in our power to end child labor. That will require giving feudalism & capitalism a rocket to oblivion.

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