Friday, January 11, 2013

Knesset member condemns Israeli “Nazism” against Arabs

Knesset member Taleb El-Sana’ has condemned Israel’s demolition of Palestinian houses in Beir Al-Saba’, and described the actions as “Nazism”.
In a press release, El-Sana’ described how the Israeli occupation forces entered the village and used bulldozers to destroy two houses. The MK also mentioned that Israeli officers attacked him to prevent him from paying a solidarity visit to the village. Such acts, he said, are “inhumane terrorist actions” by a government policy against its own Arab citizens which he called “Nazism”.
“Any civilised and democratic state assists its citizens during a natural disaster or severe weather,” said El-Sana’, “but the Israeli government demolishes the homes of its citizens during such tragic circumstances.” According to the MK, women and children were left homeless in the middle of the massive rainstorm which hit the region.

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