Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Betty Windsor's not going anywhere until the undertaker comes

Imagine the delight to wake to the news that Betty is abdicating her throne--only to have delight turn to dust that it turned out to be Betty of the Netherlands (most moochocrats don’t have last names to disguise their often discredited & questionable parentage) & not Betty Windsor. And just as regrettable, Betty of the Netherlands is only stepping aside for her middle-aged son rather than eschewing the ancient barbarism of feudalism.

England’s royal watchers (they’re called sycophants or ass-kissers in the rest of the world) are speculating up a storm about whether Betty of England will follow suit & cede the throne to Chucky. Many say this unlikely since the 1936 abdication of Eddie VIII to marry Walleyed Simpson created such a stink in the realm. Does that explanation make sense to anyone!? Others say Betty considers queenship a spiritual responsibility & a lifelong commitment but that explanation only appeals to halfwits & royal watchers.

Let’s be frank even if it hurts Chucky’s feelings since--to a guy who says he loves his wife “whatever love is”--those feelings are not likely to run deep. Betty may be a mooch but she’s no damn fool (except when it comes to Phil, her “anus horribilis”). The moochocracy is  more secure if Chucky continues to play the ponies & is kept away from matters of state & grand larceny of the royal sort. Regrettably Chucky is even more stupid than President Bush (either one of them) & that’s the price paid by those who do nothing but feed at the trough of moochocracy.

Here Betty is shaking hands with Chucky at a jubilee celebration last year. Well it could be asked, “who in the hell shakes hands with their mother instead of kissing her?” And vice versa! That’s how we know Betty Windsor isn’t going anywhere until the undertaker comes.  (Photo by Joel Ryan/AP)

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