Tuesday, January 22, 2013

US out of Yemen!

This is the time of year when media publish albums of the most striking photojournalist images of the past year. Many are worth reposting.

This photo from March 2012 is of 12-year-old Saleem al-Harazi held by his mother in Sana, Yemen. Saleem lost both eyes when he was shot by a government sniper as he protested against the US-backed dictatorship in March 2011. (That was during the term of lesser evil Obama.)

This young boy is a reminder of what millions of people around the world endure in the struggle against tyranny & for democracy: debilitating injuries, torture & death. With his assaults on the US Bill of Rights, including the NDAA, this is what lesser evil Obama is trying to institute in the US. It’s time to get beyond the idiotic smooch-fest of the inaugural & start holding the Obama regime to account! US out of Yemen! Stop supporting the dictatorship! Stop the drone attacks on the people of Yemen!

(Photo by Stephanie Sinclair—VII)

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