Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bardot headed for Russia

So Brigitte Bardot is leaving France for Russia because of mistreatment of elephants. One hopes she takes the toxic miasma of her racism with her--a racism which is unbridled & belligerent, especially toward brown people & Muslims. She’s of that genre of animal rights activists who loves animals--except the human ones. In that regard, she is a complete misanthrope. She’s been fined in French courts at least 5 times for inciting “racial” hatred by the bile that comes out of her mouth. Of course, her pornographic career is so at odds with the modesty of most Muslim women. Bye-bye now, Brigitte--& be forewarned Russia. (And yes, I looked for the most unflattering photo I could find of her.)


  1. I may disagree with "pornographic" to qualify her performances but the gist of the post is totally correct. She has been consistent in her racist declarations for years. Let's not forget that her partner is a far right politician from Le Pen's Front Nationale.
    BTW, since you don't have access to the unauthorised comments and could not read them, you're driving the flaming ass to the verge of mental collapse, hehe. Total breakdown!! His foaming at the mouth has reached alarming (for his entourage, that is)levels. Not to my displeasure of course since I'm expecting and hoping that he's be busting an artery any time soon. Good job, hehe.

    1. I'm beside myself with glee to hear that!

    2. I was thinking of her Playboy spread when I said "pornographic" and not of her films. She was part of the 1950s, pre-feminist film culture where women like Bardot, Monroe, Mamie Van Doren, and dozens of other women were always provocatively and scantily dressed, purred in kittenish and childlike voices, and whose humiliations formed the sexual attitudes of a generation. Certainly it played a role in the inflated breast fetish. Feminism was partially a response to that culture.

      I was in a beauty contest at that time and when interviewed on television was instructed by the pageant officials to say my function was to "please and entertain". When I saw that interview on TV I nearly threw up; it was a transformative moment in my becoming a feminist.