Monday, January 21, 2013

The au couture US taxpayers bankroll

I  have no time for all the baloney & pomp of the inaugural celebrations & don't find a singular thing about the Obomas that charms or hoodwinks me. But Michelle Obama's coat sure was stylish & let me say, it must have cost a bundle! Did the taxes on my social security check pay for it?


  1. Is she wearing purple gloves? The coat is beautiful and she looks great in it. Her wardrobe is the least of my issues with her and hubs. Maybe I'm lulled into acquiescence by all the people who cheerlead for Obama, all around me. It's like Pres and Mrs. Obama strive to be attractive figureheads. But in fact they are firmly on the side of imperialism. Michelle is about education? What about charter schools, teaching to the test, disempowering of teachers and usurious college loans all which undermine good education for all?

    1. Well said, Anonymous!

      She did indeed wear that, TGIA. Don't you like it? I agree with Anonymous that it's beautiful. And I loath the Obamas politically.