Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bring the troops home now!

Placing US women in combat is not an idea whose time has come. Nor is it a step forward for women's rights. The Pentagon is likely making this concession to increase personnel for its many wars & occupations. During the 1970s & the Vietnam war there was discussion of including women in the draft--which many liberal feminists lauded despite massive antiwar opposition to the draft for men.

The point is not to increase US fighting capability but to oppose & end it. The US military is not a force for democracy but the enforcer of colonialism & tyranny. To train young women as killers & to inculcate them with racist hatred so they can shoot without scruples is an abomination which will have serious antisocial consequences. The testimony of (male) antiwar veterans speaks to the psychological & social damage of participating in colonial slaughter.

End the wars! End the drone attacks! Bring the troops home now!

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