Friday, January 11, 2013

The screenshots prove it: New York Times altered headline to remove words “Israeli-occupied”

Cached image of New York Times story before headline was changed to omit words “Israeli-occupied West Bank.”
A New York Times headline accidentally told the truth today about Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, before it was ‘fixed.’
The story is about today’s action by Palestinians to establish a village called Bab Al Shams on land that Israel has seized for construction of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.
The original headline read “Palestinians Set Up Camp in Israeli-Occupied West Bank Territory.” Later, the headline was altered to remove the words “Israeli-occupied.” It now reads “Palestinians Set Up Tents Where Israel Plans Homes.”
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  1. I hear that the former Director General of the BBC, the arch-zionist Mark Thompson, is now some sort of executive at the New York Times. He probably got the job on the recommendation of Netanyahu.