Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An anthem to the universal human struggle for freedom!

One doesn’t know how to introduce this poem by Indian poet, Musab Iqbal, since it could be spoken or sung by so many peoples around the world. And that is perhaps it’s greatest beauty & it’s most majestic power! It could be sung by beleaguered democracy activists in Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Guatemala, Mexico, South Sudan, Uganda, DR Congo, Chile, Greece, Spain, Portugal. It is brief, but it is an anthem of human freedom, a testimony to the universal human insistence on fraternity & sorority.

The Sketch

In your eyes is the passion
Which sparks the courage to
break the chains, bend the norms
and fight till the end.
You stand as inspiration for all
Who have no hope, no food, no light
In prison, in siege, in hunger.
Your sketch sparks
Sensibility, your portray
Determines the vision.
The phosphorus, the drone, the smoke
Cannot blur the path,
The path of freedom, which
You are craving with your hand.

- 9th January 2013

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