Thursday, January 24, 2013

HHHHairy on war in Afghanistan

How often in life does a feminist find herself agreeing with the Taliban!? But when they accuse HHHHairy of mental problems for comparing the US-NATO slaughter in Afghanistan to playing PlayStation and Xbox they have their hands on the pulse of imperialism. How odious is that!?

The inarticulate little puke admits the only thing in his entire life worth redeeming is his thumbs which he uses to play video games. Well he’s wrong about that too. Buckingham boasts he’s now completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan--most of which he spent playing soccer & video games in a drunken stupor. HHHHairy says the war was a “hell of an experience.” Wait ‘til the moochocracy is booted & the little creep has to get a real job. Thumbs don’t make you eligible for much but cleaning toilets would be a suitable entry level position. (Caricature from William Rudling)

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