Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Protestors in Bangladesh demand justice for garment workers

Protestors in Savar, Bangladesh are here performing a play to dramatize their demand for justice for victims of the November 2012 Tazreen factory fire. The fire killed 112 workers, including women & children, & injured 150 others. The bodies of 52 victims were charred beyond recognition & wrapped only in cloth were dumped & buried in a mass grave. About 700 garment workers have been killed in dozens of fires in Bangladesh since 2006. Not a single owner has been prosecuted. The owner of Tazreen was questioned by police after survivors of the fire reported they were barred from leaving the factory when the fire broke out. But he has not been arrested or charged with mass murder.

These protestors are demanding punishment for the owner & compensation for the victims’ families since many were unable to give their loved ones proper burial. We can show our solidarity with the victims & their families by boycotting Walmart & Sears. The clothing lines of mega-millionaire US rap singer Sean Combs were also made there so add the clothing lines “Sean John” &  "Sean by Sean Combs" to your boycott. (Photo by A.M. Ahad/AP)

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