Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Egypt: new regime/same as the old

Protestors in Cairo are here dismantling one of the cement walls the regime has built all over the city to frustrate & contain political protests. Massive protests are going on all over Egypt. President Morsi, wagging his finger at the cameras, imposed a state of emergency in towns along the Suez Canal & the military deployed there, ostensibly to protect commerce traffic on the canal. But General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the head of the military, is making veiled threats of military deployment against protestors in other cities who are now being attacked by riot cops. In response, defiant crowds are chanting, "Down, down with Mohammed Morsi! Down, down with the state of emergency,” & “Leave means go, & don't say no!"

There are 80 million Egyptians. How many did the new regime/same as the old think they were kidding when their new constitution juridically formalized the independence of the military!? They had to use election fraud to get the thing passed. Who does the regime think they’re outfoxing when they still accept $1.3 billion (including tanks & jet fighters) in military aid from the US!? Some Zionist media have expressed concern this arsenal will be used against Israel but of course the US provides it only because Morsi will maintain the same relationship to Israel as the Mubarak regime--as a flank & a proxy for the US military & as a battering ram against the Palestinians if need be.

Our fullest solidarity with the protestors in Egypt & our greatest respect for their courage & intransigence. End all US aid to the Morsi regime!  (Photo by Hussein Tallal/AP)

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