Thursday, February 7, 2013

What global warming!?

Global warming? What global warming!? The predators who run this planet are out of control. Their cash register mentalities are not up to the task of stewarding this magnificent place we call home--Earth. Their way of running things requires drone aircraft & tanks, wars & occupations, colonialism & racist hatred, plunder & expropriation, patriarchy & rape, brutality & violence. It’s time we do a little expropriating of our own--to take back this planet & place life (human & animal) at the center of our priorities: to make homelessness, child labor, racism, misogyny, exploitation, injustice, & violence not just crimes but obsolete.

Global warming is making spectacular photos which can be used to document humanities demise but can be better used in prosecutions when we wrest Mother Earth back from the grip of the stock market & drone aircraft "pilots". (Photo of gale-force winds in Seaham, England by Owen Humphreys/AP)

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