Wednesday, February 13, 2013

‘Birthright’ goes to Lebanon: Israel admits popular tourist attraction is located on Lebanese land

Misgav Am
Young Leadership Israel Advocacy Program visits Misgav Am on a trip organized by the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee in 2011. (Photo: Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee)
Two weeks ago Israeli authorities admitted that a kibbutz and popular tourist destination called Misgav Am is situated on land inside the borders of Lebanon. The admission came after the kibbutz residents filed an application with the Ministry of Interior to re-zone a section of the town from agricultural to residential, and the government responded that their approval was pending “the withdrawal towards Israeli borders and amending the Blue Line,” according to al-Akhbar, which picked up the story from the Israeli daily Maariv. al-Akhbar English says this is the first time Israeli officials have acknowledged that the kibbutz is partially built in Israel’s northern neighbor, on land confiscated from the village of Adaisseh.
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