Saturday, February 9, 2013

US-NATO out of Afghanistan!

Emancipation US-style: Kabul is the fifth fastest growing city in the world & it’s likely the growth is from the invasion of UN & NGO officials, US-NATO military personnel, covert operatives of every despicable sort, multinational companies trying to cash in on the war booty & natural resources of Afghanistan.

It must be hard to miss a little boy without mittens selling balloons on a brutal winter day, even in a city of millions. But when your world view is deadened by racism & colonialism & when you’re too busy stealing from the trough of “humanitarian aid”, this little guy’s plight doesn’t register on your conscience, let alone disturb it.

That’s why the US-NATO occupation must be actively opposed. There will be spring antiwar protests around the world demanding the immediate, unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan. Get your placards ready!

(Photo by Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images)

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