Thursday, February 21, 2013

Israeli Journalist Lia Tarachansky returns to the settlement where she grew up, to uncover a buried history and a landscape of denial

"My name is Lia Tarachansky and I’m a Russian-Israeli (and Canadian) video journalist covering Israel/Palestine for The Real News. I’m also the director of this upcoming documentary, Seven Deadly Myths (working title).
This film tells the stories of four veterans of the 1948 war that erased from the Israeli landscape hundreds of Palestinian villages and connects their stories to the modern-day Palestinian dispossession through the occupation and settlements. The film also profiles my personal journey from a place of denial, growing up in a settlement in the heart of the occupied West Bank, to confronting a landscape of erasure and denial.
This film is important not just as a documentary about the Middle East and our conflict. It is a film that challenges taboos and sheds light into the darkest corners of colonialism. Thanks to this film I have already had the privilege of addressing audiences all over the world, from South Africa to North America, Europe and Israel itself, and discover that because the voices in this film are of those who themselves participated in the processes of denial, it opens conversations and spaces for change that otherwise remain barbwired in contention.
I have now finished filming this documentary, and I need funds for its post-production. In collaboration with such innovative projects as Jaffa 2030 and Zochrot, this film will become part of a campaign of discourse and relearning for Israelis and Palestinians, and for audiences around the world. "
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  1. Better get on THIS, if you haven't covered it yet. Hat tip to As'ad!

  2. These types of people are what keep my faith in humanity...

    Thank you TG

    Abu Zuhair

  3. Has she been labelled a self-hating Jew yet?