Friday, February 22, 2013

The hilarity of propaganda

There’s no question North Korea is run by a repressive regime exacting conformity. But that differs from many other countries how!? Photojournalist reportage is hilarious parody which focuses on signs of conformity among North Koreans like goose-stepping, marching band shows, choruses, & synchronized swimming. You can see all that on any given day at any US high school.

This photo hanging inside a Pyongyang beauty salon shows the 18 officially sanctioned haircuts. Just more damning evidence of communist conformity! Doesn’t it make you want to bomb them!? On second thought, outside of freaky fashion subcultures & old ladies with blue hair, those 18 styles are the same as those worn here. There may even be more of them. Is it unpatriotic to mention the trending phenomenon where every young girl wears the latest celebrity do like the Jennifer Aniston cut? We’re told North Korean men have similar strict guidelines. But how many ways are there to cut a man’s hair anyway?

The US government is destroying the Bill of Rights, shredding due process, declaring its right to assassinate citizens, surveilling our social network posts, & flying drone aircraft overhead to hunt down the dissidents & we’re supposed to worry about how North Koreans cut their hair!?

(Photo by David Guttenfelder/AP)

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