Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The bump watch

Contemplate this sentence from NBC News--& weep: “Royal watchers worldwide have been waiting for this: the first public glimpse of Duchess Kate's growing baby bump.”

According to the Urban Dictionary, a royal watcher is someone who enjoys news about people with royal titles. An alternate definition they offer is someone with an empty life who compensates by stalking royalty. Why such flattering definitions!?

A more honest definition would be: a royal watcher is a snob who is at heart a sycophant--one who grovels before those of superior social status & despises those they deem beneath them. Who else could possibly give a damn about poor, starving KKKKaty’s belly? Unless it’s child protective services.

Betty hasn’t produced such smart cookies so they better start feeding KKKKaty & stop treating her like a mannequin or they’ll have another Chuckles on their hands.

(Caricature of KKKKaty from Daily Mail)

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