Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An additional post on the beating of Hassan Ausruf

Hassan Ausruf is a Palestinian man who works as a street cleaner in Tel Aviv. He was filling the water tank of his work vehicle when 15 Israeli youths attacked him with bottles & shards of glass & kicking. He has deep cuts to his face requiring stitches, skull fractures, & doctors are still working to save his eye. The racist youth are practicing for their compulsory service in Israeli Defense Forces occupying Palestinian lands. Of course no arrests have yet been made by Israeli authorities but 100 Israelis in Tel Aviv protested this assault.

Certainly one of the ugliest & most regrettable features of Zionism is the racism inherent to it. Imagine that rather than using the historic persecution of Jews to educate & campaign against racism, Zionism is teaching its young the ideology of the jackboots. Anti-Semitism is a problem but Zionism is not the answer. Anti-Zionists have always argued that Israel is a death trap for Jews. It is also a hot house for corrupting generations of young people bred to hatred, racism, & misanthropy.

(Photo by Neriman Ausruf)

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