Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ultra Orthodox women assault a Palestinian woman for no reason. Since pogroms are already there how long before gas chambers?

"The woman stood at the station in Kiryat Moshe capital, suddenly several young women passing by began beat her and remove her head covering. Eyewitness told the nrg: "Young people were drunk and light rail security officer watched the incident with a smile and did not intervene"
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – A group of Jewish women attacked a Palestinian woman Monday while she was waiting at a light rail station in Jerusalem and beat her severely, Israeli media reported.

Hebrew-language Israeli daily Maariv reported that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman passed by the Palestinian woman and punched her all of a sudden. Other women, friends of the assailant, then joined her and together they started to beat the woman forcefully.

The victim tried to defend herself, but the number of attackers was big enough to subdue he and continue to beat her.
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  1. How long before larger scale pogroms start? Wait! They already started long time ago.

  2. Apart from an act of cowardice, this is, in my opinion, the act of people who know that their society is doomed. They know that their politicians have set them on the road to self destruction. What can they do? They can demonstrate their desperation by lashing out wildly at something that represents that which will be built on their ruins. They are trying to hold back the flood with brooms.