Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Paint bomb art

No one knows who pioneered the use of paint bombs at political protests but everyone wants to take the credit. They use it from union protests in Greece to student rallies in Chile. Peaceful protest is good but when riot cops are coming at you with tear gas, water hoses, stun grenades, & truncheons are you supposed to just stand there singing “Kumbaya”? Self defense comes in many forms.

Riot cops in Rueil-Malmaison, France, near Paris, were again (as always) on the wrong side in a labor dispute. They were “protecting” the headquarters of the Goodyear Dunlop tire company against workers protesting the closing of a factory near Amiens which will cut 1,173 jobs. French workers, using their advanced culinary skills, laced the paint with eggs which gives the unique neon effect. Take heed Athens & Santiago!

(Photo by Jacky Naegelen/Reuters)

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