Sunday, February 10, 2013

The legacy of Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer was shoed by an Iraqi man while speaking at the British Parliament (on Wednesday). Bremer is the patrician psychopath appointed by Bush Jr. to oversee the “reconstruction” of Iraq after the invasion in 2003. He didn’t lose composure when the man lobbed two shoes at him & answered with a wise-crack. That kind of hauteur is common in high-born politicians, reflecting their insular, elitist & anti-social breeding. 

He charms talk show hosts like Jon Stewart by cracking a joke or two & listing his talents like painting infantile landscapes, fancy cooking, & (get this!) distributing communion at the local Catholic church. But this savvy creep is a former protege & employee of Kissinger’s secretive “consulting” firm. No one knows what the hell they do but some of the most despicable politicians have been tutored there by Dr. Strangelove himself.

Bush Jr. made Bremer the de facto dictator of Iraq to orchestrate its descent into hell: destroying every form of democracy; introducing tens of thousands of mercenaries into combat;  sanctioning the unspeakable crimes at Abu Ghraib; misappropriating billions of dollars of funds with no accountability; & privatizing all of Iraq’s industries & natural resources to make the country open to US plunder.

Many criticize Bremer for incompetence & ineptitude in Iraq. No less a bonehead than Newt Gingrich said, "Bremer is the largest single disaster in American foreign policy in modern times.” Bremer probably is a bumbling fool but when it comes to dismantling a country & imposing colonial rule, who the hell can tell success from failure!? The “insurgents” of Iraq made several attempts to assassinate Bremer but he contracted $21 million for private security (hired killers) to guard him. He made an abrupt & early departure from Iraq--akin to being run out on a rail--after US covert operatives learned protests or another assassination attempt were planned for his ceremonial departure.

The forces for social transformation don’t use the same violent methods as the “ancien rĂ©gimes” we seek to replace because we want to build a different kind of world. But only a saint does not regret those shoes didn’t hit Bremer square in the kisser. Our hope is that the people of Iraq will someday be able to prosecute him & his criminal cohorts for war crimes--even in absentia. 

US out of Iraq! Massive reparations to the people of Iraq!

(Photo of woman grieving her 6-year-old son killed Sept. 2007 posted to expose the crimes & legacy of Bremer & because I didn't want his ugly face on my wall. Photo by Adem Hadei/AP)

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