Friday, February 8, 2013

Ayn Rand's Gospel of Selfishness and Billionaire Empowerment Is Plaguing America

February 7, 2013  |  Thirty years after her death, Ayn Rand’s philosophy of selfishness and billionaire empowerment rules the world. It’s a remarkable achievement for an ideology that was pushed to the fringes for most of her life, and ridiculed on national television in a notorious interview with Mike Wallace.
But, it’s happened. And today, the United States and other independent governments around the world are crumbling while Ayn Rand’s billionaires are taking over.
With each new so-called Free Trade agreement – especially the very secretive Trans Pacific Partnership, which has less to do with trade and more to do with a new law of global governance for transnational corporations – Ayn Rand’s reviled “state” (or what we would call our democracy, the United States of America) is losing its power to billionaires and transnational corporations.
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  1. Ayn Rand was in intellectual vogue when I entered college in the mid-60s. To be au courant I read her--and loathed her every character. I rid my bookshelves of all her writings so as not to have the toxic miasma of her ideas permeate my apartment. But I still have to use room deodorizer to forget the odiferous repugnance of her ideas.