Friday, February 8, 2013

US double dealing in Iraq

In December 2011, lesser evil Obama & war minister Panetta tried to pull a fast one by declaring the Iraq War officially ended. It was a shifty way of undermining antiwar resistance. The exit of US soldiers was treated with pomp & ceremony & the usual quotient of lies. US soldiers were temporarily withdrawn to waiting in the wings in Kuwait but more than 5,500 “security contractors” (in plain-speak, mercenaries & hired killers) were deployed. There are also a whopping 17,000 “civilians” working at the US mega-embassy in Baghdad. Lord knows what most of them are up to! By September 2012, the US had redeployed 3,000 Army special operations troops to Iraq. And of course it has never ceased to provide billions in military equipment to the puppet Maliki regime.

Meanwhile, there is a media blackout of the continuing US war in Iraq; nor is a peep said about the thousands of Iraqis protesting the Maliki regime. Reports are all about “sectarian violence” between Sunni & Shia “insurgents.” This photo in the LA Times is of a family in Baghdad living in a compound for displaced people. The caption said, “An estimated 1.55 million people are currently displaced inside Iraq because of sectarian violence.” So you see!? Not the US war & occupation but the Iraqis brought this on themselves. Without the US Marines the Iraqis just can’t get along with each other. War is necessary to keep peace!

Bring the troops home now! US out of Iraq! Massive US reparations to the people of Iraq!       (Photo by Hadi Mizban/AP)

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