Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watch what you eat or it may eat your brain

The US Department of Agriculture has just confirmed a case of mad cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) in a dairy cow in California--the fourth cow they admit to in the past 20 years. Britain was hit hard by mad cow disease in the 1980s & their investigations concluded it was caused by industrial cattle-farming methods where herbivorous, grass eating cattle are fed internal organs & entrails from butchered animals (offal), including from cadavers of sick & injured animals. This recently came up in India where industrial farming of poultry necessitated killing off thousands of contaminated chickens. But of course, industrial farming of chickens around the world employs this method: exhausted layer hens contaminated with antibiotics, ill-treated, sickly, emitting stress hormones, & pooping all over each other, are carted off in trucks & ground up (feathers & all) to be added to feed for the new layer hens. That’s where salmonella comes from & why eggs are dangerous to feed children unless they’re hard-boiled. The USDA needs to come clean on this issue not only in regard to chickens but to cattle. If four cows have been found with mad cow disease, it means they are being fed offal & no one could be so stupid as to believe only four cows were fed the stuff. It just means only four have been sick enough to cause alarm. When you add mad cow disease to pink slime to salmonella in the food supply & realize that all this affects human health (especially that of children) you can see that meeting the primary needs of human life have become central political demands.

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