Friday, April 6, 2012

American canaries

This group dressed like mongrel canaries are well-heeled spectators at the Masters Golf Tournament held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. The club steadfastly refuses membership to women & won’t disclose it’s exclusive membership list--known to be the most powerful men in industry & finance, including Bill Gates & Warren Buffett. Now gaining entrance to such a den of iniquity isn’t a priority issue with me; I once reluctantly was part of invading a men’s bar in Manhattan (in 1970) & when I observed the state of the filthy toilets preferred the patrons stay in their own sty. But I have a few questions for the boys in the Augusta Club: “When your man, George Bush, said ‘they hate us for our freedoms’, do you take that as a license to disgrace whatever there is of American culture & dress like buffoons?” And, “Do you actually bar women from membership or do even your own mates refuse to appear with you in public?”  And lastly, “Do you think you’re sexy?”  (Photo by Brian Snyder)


  1. These guys are not likely members of Augusta Natl.  Rather some spectators having a little fun with a zany matching outfits. 

    Mary, Im not sure what to say if something so harmless as this sets you off.   Tragedy and horror pervade the world every minute of every day.  Most folks know that they themslves will likely face some natural terror of their own, at some point.  In the meantime they try and get some enjoyment out of life.  Hardly worthy of caustic comments, IMO. 

  2. Guess if you're as rich as they must be, you think the other spectators won't laugh at your attire.

  3. They purposely dress like that in order to get laughs. It's good clean fun. utterly harmless